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Welcome to Kobe Chinese Martial Arts Association

 Sifu John Aogishi has over "27" years of experience teaching the Chinese martial arts. Kobe Chinese Martial Arts Association is in direct linage to China! Our association is under the Hung-Sing Choy-Lee-Fut Gung-Fu School of America located in San Francisco's (Chinatown district) California, USA. Our Segung (Grandmaster) Dino Salvatera (Tien-Loong Jew) was a disciple of the late Professor Lau Bun who is credited for bringing the Hung-Sing style to the United States. Hung-Sing Guan of China is the world headquarters for all Hung-Sing Choy-Lee-Fut schools worldwide, located in Fut-San, China. View the "Hung-Sing" Jeung genealogy tree here.

"Kung Fu & Tai Chi have always been a way of life for me!
It's what I love to do." - John Aogishi

 John started teaching martial arts in 1982 at the (Wah Lum Temple華林寺) (kung fu style Wah Lum Tamn Tui Mun華林探腿門) in Orlando, Florida USA. In July 2004 John moved to Japan and opened Kobe Chinese Martial Arts Association. The Schools Chinese characters 鴻勝Hung-Sing is the name of our founder. The Chinese character here 鴻Hung translates as Great; Grand, while the character here 勝Sing translates as a Victory; a Success. The true meaning of the charcters together translates as "Glorious Victory". Yim "Hung Sing" Jeung's teacher Ching Cho青草 Woe Serng, (in later years known as Choy-Lee-Fut蔡李佛) translates as Green Grass Monk, had given the name Hung-Sing to Yim炎 Jeung張 our founder. His name was riveted from the Taiping Rebellion which had reference to one day overthrow the evil Ching (Qing) Dynasty, for the destruction of the Shaolin Temple (pronounced Shaolinsi 少林寺) and the slaughter of many civilians of Southern China.

Sifu 師父 (Master) John Aogishi

 John Aogishi is a practitioner of the Chinese Martial Arts since 1980. John first began his tutelage under Segung (Grandmaster) Pui Chan of the Wah Lum Tamn Tui Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu system in Orlando, Florida USA.

 In 1981 John began professional kung fu studies at the first ever kung fu temple in the USA. Master Chan opened up a dormitory for students who wanted to open their own kung fu school. John was one of the first students to live at the temple from 1981-1985. He continued training in private and group classes under Master Chan. John continued part time instructing from 1985-2001. John gained much experience by learning and teaching in various group classes like Children's, Juniorís, Adults, Sparring, Demonstration Team and Tai Chi Chuan.

 Sifu Mike Saxon first introduced the Hung Sing鴻勝 Choy Lee Fut蔡李佛 system to John in 2005. Sifu Mike a long time friend of John has been studying Hung-Sing Gung Fu since 1997 under the tutelage of Segung (Grandmaster) Dino Jew Salvatera aka (Jew, Tein-Loong known throughout the San Francisco Chinatown community) and is a certified Sifu in both USA and China.

 Students of Kobe Chinese Martial Arts Association (KCMAA) can learn both Northern and Southern Shaolin kung fu styles. Students can also partake in seminars from real kung fu Masters like, Segung Dino Salvatera and others of the Hung-Sing system.

 Why learn Hung-Sing Gung Fu? One, anyone at any age can learn Hung-Sing Gung Fu. Two, it's a very effective self-defense system that uses mostly upper body moves. Three, the forms are an excellent way to keep in shape and it's fun to do!

 This site is continuously being updated please check back for more updates. In the near future we hope to be doing lion dance demonstrations.